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Rich in water, smart in water knowledge and experienced in transboundary and arctic water management

The backbone of the Finnish water expertise on one hand are the nearly 190.000 lakes, excellent ground water resources and 650 rivers and on the other hand the early, serious attention and concrete measures to protect water resources. Effective and proactive strategies and actions in Finnish water sector have included long-term goal setting, effective legislation, good governance, broad utilization of research findings and co-operation with various stakeholders. Since 1960’s an intensive development of legislation, methods, equipment and chemicals has taken place. Finnish know-how is excellent for challenging arctic environment where temperatures can vary from minus 30 degrees to plus 30 degrees in Celsius is recognised worldwide.

Furthermore, the Finnish innovation system yields water and environmental innovations cross-fertilized with the strong ICT sector. Many challenges related to the use of water are problems related to data management, and the combination of Finnish Water and ICT expertise provides innovative solutions for this sector. As a result, Finland is continuously among the top runners in global evaluations when comparing the status of environment in different countries.

Finland is among the few countries in the world fortunate enough to have sufficient clean water for drinking and other uses. Moreover, Finland shares many river basins with the neighbouring countries and has long traditions and well-established mechanisms in transboundary cooperation. Finland has also remarkably supported the creation and implementation of the UNECE and UN conventions on the use of shared water resources. With her neighbouring countries, Finland has also played an active role in promoting the protection of the Baltic Sea. In Russia, for example, 20 years of cooperation between the St. Petersburg water utility (Vodokanal) and Finnish public and private organisations has resulted in remarkable improvements in wastewater treatment and greatly improved the state of the Baltic Sea (see a video presentation on the collaboration in http://stpetersburgsensation.finnishwaterforum.fi/).

Also, check out a video on Finland’s water resource management: http://luckylake.finnishwaterforum.fi/.