Our list of members A-Z.

aalto-logo-enAalto University School of Science and Technology – Aalto University School of Engineering is an internationally recognized research  and teaching university. The university’s water engineering research group works in four distinct water sector areas: water economy, environmentally-friendly construction/ water infrastructure, water service techniques and global water issues related to sustainable development in developing countries.

a-lab_tunnus_varillinen  A-lab Ltd – Wireless measurements, remote control and data gathering technology.

Capture3Alleco Ltd – Marine biology and limnology consultancy.

Capture4 Alshain Ltd – Water quality measurements. Measurement and control systems.

an Anthurium Ltd – Assistance in planning, design, construction and implementation of projects in water and environment engineering sector.

logoAprotech Ltd – Sludge management, solid/liquid separation.

aqsens_logo2Aqsens Ltd – Water chips for water quality management.

Capture6 Aquamarine Robots Ltd – Water measurements using a robotic system.

Capture7 Aquamec Ltd (Watermaster) – Multipurpose machines for shallow water applications.

Capture8 Aquaminerals Finland Ltd – Production of heavy metal and metalloid absorbents used in waste water treatment, both in industrial and domestic facilities.

aquazone_72dpi_rgb1712 Aquazone Ltd – Waste water treatment, sludge treatment.

Capture9 Arbonaut Oy Ltd – Natural resource management systems.

logo1Atomar Ltd – Small scale waste water treatment units.

bauer_logoBauer Watertechnology Ltd – Water treatment devices

biwatech Biwatech Ltd – Develops and applies simulation, optimization, GIS, free open source software for data processing, analysis and visualization in water management.

bukertBluet Oy Ltd – Profitable waterfront development.

bukert Bürkert Ltd – Valve and measurement instrument manufacturer providing solutions for liquid and gas measurement and regulations.

800w-dewa_logo Dewaco Ltd – Provides solutions to the world’s most complex wastewater treatment problems.

EcoFiSo Ltd – Provides cost- and space-saving solutions for problems in the field of e.g. drinking water purification and desalination, industry waters, oily waters, food and beverage industries and for rational usage of water and natural resources. We manufacture high technology Ceramic Membrane Filters for mikro- and ultrafiltration.

Capture13 Econet Ltd – Specializes in water works, waste water treatment plants, project management, construction.

Capture12 EduCluster Finland Ltd – Gateway to Finnish excellence in education and an expert community creating educational capacity with partners.

Capture11 EHP-Environment Oy – Automatic, wireless and light monitoring systems and equipment.

ekolet Ekolet Ltd – Odorless dry composting toilets for outdoor and indoor.

Capture14 Ekomuovi Ltd – Thermoplastics, special plastics for sinks, tanks and tubes.

Evak_logo_h60 European Water, Lake and River System Association EVAK – EVAK Ry is mainly engaged in the new EU countries from Baltics to the Balkans. EVAK Ry’s approach is to search, develop, and create a variety of projects in the environmental field as well as provide and coordinate them for Finnish companies. The projects are commonly related to waste water, drinking water or water bodies’ development.

Näyttökuva 2016-8-3 kello 15.56.48Faintend Oy – Fainted Oy focuses on the internationally patented Fain technology, which is used in the manufacture of Fain surfactant mixture. Fain surfactant mixture, which is also protected by patents, is a universal, flexible and ecological product.

logo8 FCG International Ltd – Use of water resources, potable water, waste water and waste treatment.

Federation of Finnish Water Protection Associations – The Federation of Finnish water protection associations (Suomen Vesiensuojeluyhdistysten Liitto) represents its member organizations in relation to state authorities and other public bodies.

tunnusFenno Water Ltd – Water supply and waste water treatment plant projects.

Logo7Ferroplan Ltd – Design and manufacture of unit and mass conveyors, community and industrial water treatments options.

sykeFinnish Environment Institute SYKE – SYKE is a research and expert advisory institute of the Ministry of Environment. SYKE has responsibility for water protection and water resource sustainability and related research, along with providing expert advice services.

FMILogoFinnish Meteorological Institute – The Finnish Meteorological Institute provides tailor-made consulting to national hydrometeorological services, ministries, municipalities, energy companies and equipment manufacturers.

Finland002Finnish Water and Waste Water Works Association (FIWA) – Finnish Water Utilities Association (FIWA) is a water sector organization, whose mission is to promote positive operational environment for its members and to support their various institutions. VVY protects its members’ interests, and provides expertise and know-how in order to strengthen the water supply sector.

finproFinPro – Finpro is a globally operating expert organisation. Its mission is to promote Finnish company growth and success on the international market. In addition to products and services provided to specific companies, Finpro manages major international projects such as Cleantech Finland.

flootechFlootech – Water and waste water treatment solutions.

flowrox_logo_600x122Flowrox Ltd – Heavy duty valves, pumps and systems.

finnmap-navbar-2013 FINNMAP FM International Oy – Major activities in land management and administration, remote sensing, digital mapping, surveying and GIS.

Gaia.logo_Gaia Group Oy – Sustainable environment, energy and climate solutions, risk management, foresight studies.

1450272_666723763379328_1071815263_nGlobal Dry Toilet Association of Finland – Global Dry Toilet Association of Finland offers consulting, research and development cooperation in sanitation and water issues. Their mission is to make dry toilets an integral part of the sustainable development.

goodwell-infradev-web-logo-isoGoodwell InfraDev Ltd – Small- and large-scale waste water treatment systems.

gtk GTK Geological Survey of Finland – GTK is a European centre of excellence in assessment, research and sustainable use of Earth resources.

Untitled1IWT Suomi Oy – Water treatment systems.

logo6Kari-Finn Ltd – Float switches for pump control and alarms.

kaukointl Kauko International Oy -Energy efficient technologies, professional electronics and applications.

kemiraKemira Oyj – Water chemistry, applications, Center of Water Efficiency Excellence (SWEET).

cropped-logo_keyflow2 Keyflow Ltd – Capacity and valve sizing.

keyproKeypro Oy – Network information management tools for telecom, energy, water, sewer, street lighting and district heating applications.

Capture20KSB Finland – Water and waste water plants, pumping stations, pumps, valves, mixers.

logo_enLahti Development Company LADEC Oy – Cleantech technology center.

Näyttökuva 2016-2-9 kello 12.32.38Lamor Corporation Ab – Lamor is a family-owned business based in Porvoo, Finland, with strategically located offices, hubs and partners worldwide. The company is an established market leader in oil spill response and environmental solutions for a wide range of scenarios and climatic conditions.

landLand and Water Technology Foundation – The Land and Water Technology Foundation’s purpose is to support and promote financially and ideologically research and education in the field of water technology and related environmental technology as well as in the field of soil protection.

lut-logo-390x390-wLappeenranta University of Technology – Lappeenranta University of Technology brings together two complementary fields of science – technology and business. The university’s strategic competence areas are developed in the following areas: energy efficiency and energy markets, strategic business and technology, scientific computing and modeling of industrial processes, as well as expertise in Russian affairs.

luodeLuode Consulting Oy – Waterway research and measurement technology.

masinotek_logo_v5Masinotek – Develops and supplies technological systems and services for industries in energy, water and waste water plants.

MPD_logo_web Measurepolis Development Oy – Center of measurement technology.

METSTA_logo MetSta – Mechanical Engineering and Metals Industry Standardization in Finland. MetSta is responsible for coordinating the national work in the field of mechanical engineering and metals industry, building automation and energy management standardization, both in European and international level. MetSta is a standards writing body for the Finnish Standards Association.

Capture24 Metsähallitus – Forestry resources services.

logo-mmm_enMinistry of Agriculture and Forestry – The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry steers the policy on sustainable use of natural resources. Legislative work is carried out as part of the Finnish Government and the EU institutions and decision-making.

Ministry-of-Employment-and-the-Economy-of-Finland-logoMinistry of Employment and the Economy – The Ministry of Employment and Economy is responsible for entrepreneurship and innovation in the business environment, labor market and workers’ embloyability, as well as regional development.

Ministry-of-EnvironmentMinistry of the Environment – The Ministry of the Environment is responsible for the communities, built environment, housing, biodiversity, sustainable use of natural resources and environmental protection issues. The Ministry is also responsible for national and international waters, and marine conservation issues.

MFA FinlandMinistry of Foreign Affairs – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs focuses on foreign and security policy, trade policy and development policy, as well as significant foreign policy issues and international relations in general.

socialMinistry of Social Affairs and Health – The Social Affairs and Health Ministry’s responsibilities include promotion of well-being and public health, social and health services, social security, private insurance, occupational safety and health and equality. The Ministry is the supervisory authority of water quality in drinking water and recreational waters.

Mipro_logo_3800__633 Mipro Ltd – Automation for water and waste water works.

lukeNatural Resources Institute Finland (LUKE)– The Natural Resources Institute Finland is a research and expert organization. The institute promotes bioeconomy and sustainable use of natural resources.

Capture21Niras Finland Ltd – Project support for social, environmental and economic development.

logo3OdorOff Ltd – Specializes in odor removal.

onninen_logo Onninen Ltd – Comprehensive materials services for clients and retailers.

logo2Oulu Water Alliance (OWA) – Research and development services, online solutions for water quality control and purification optimization.

logo-outotec Outotec – Technology solutions and services that support the entire life cycles of processes, including their operation and maintenance.

Capture27 pH-Vetikko – Small scale waste water treatment systems for sparsely populated areas.

planora Planora Ltd – Software for waste water treatment plants.

Planpoint Oy – Consulting services for developing markets.

kellerProfimeas Ltd – Pressure meters, telemetrics.

Pythagoras Oy Ltd – Wireless environmental monitoroing.

Näyttökuva 2016-8-8 kello 12.57.13Pöyry Management Consulting Oy – Services across the whole project lifecycle, from Management Consulting to Engineering Services, Project Management to Operations Support, supported by our expertise in Environmental Consulting.

logo-raita-eng Raita Environment Ltd – Small scale environmental solutions for sparsely populated areas.

Ramboll_Logo_Websites Ramboll Finland – Water resources management, water supply, waste water and groundwater.

Saffron Consulting International Ltd provides services for donors, government agencies, private secotr, international organization and NGO’s covering the following: i) Match-making, Business-to-Business facilitation and sales. ii) Tendering. Technical tender writing, local / international partner identification, expert recruitment, fact finding, and tender coordination and process management. iii) Technical consulting. Natural Resources Management, water, environment, land administration, infrastructure and energy sectors for project management and implementation, formulation, evaluation, appraisal and review.

sansox_logo_transparent_bg_small SansOx Ltd – Energy-efficient oxidation.

logo13Satel Ltd – Radio modems for remote control and real-time monitoring.

Savaterra Ltd – Sludge and waste treatment, purification of polluted soil

savonia-pallo Savonia University of Applied Sciences – Savonia University of Applied Sciences  is one of Finland´s biggest and most versatile universities of applied sciences. Savonia offers education in six different fields of study: business, natual resorces, tourism and catering, music and dnace, engineering and social and health care. Our versatile Degree Programmes offer the students the opportunity to study as a fulltime student or alongside their job or flexibly in the Opean University of Applied Sciences. Savonia has campuses in Kuopio, Iisalmi and Varkaus.

scatman Scatman Ltd – Electronic tools for collecting and visualizing data in surveys and mappings of environmental and natural issues.

Capture29 Senfit Ltd – Microwave technology for industrial online sensors and analyzers.

sito Sito – Infrastructure, traffic solutions, logistics, land use, environment and digital services. All stages of the design process, from consultation to project management.

Capture30Slamex Ltd – Equipment for water treatment.

sofi Sofi Filtration – Automatic and energy efficient microfiltration solutions

soilscout Soil Scout – Environmental monitoring for reducing irrigation water & energy use.

sws Solar Water Solutions – Scalable off-grid reverse osmosis (RO) systems.

Sykli-logo_suomi-sininen SYKLI Environmental School of Finland – YKLI offers education and training as well as consultation for water sector workers, foremen and the entrants in the field (water supply and sewerage).

tampereTampere University of Technology – Tampere University of Technology is an international foundation based university focusing on engineering and architecture research and education. The university combines sceintific, technical and business-related research. Its strengths are interaction between basic and applied research, extensive international networks, as well as cross-technical and multi-disciplinary research projects.

Capture31Tapio – Consulting in forestry and bioeconomy, methods related to water resource management.

Näyttökuva 2016-8-8 kello 13.25.14 Trimble Solutions Ltd – Software solutions for water and waste water design and engineering.

logo15Tekninen Palvelu Tomi Niemi – Small scale water and waste water treatment plants.

TineCoin – Consulting and expert services for water technologies.

UntitledUniversity of Applied Sciences of Turku – An innovative and multidisciplinary higher education institution, which creates international competitiveness and well-being for Southwest Finland.

layout_set_logoUniversity of Eastern Finland – The University of Eastern Finland is a multidisciplinary university, which offers teaching in more than 100 subjects. It has campuses in three Eastern Finnish cities. The areas of expertise in research are Forests and the Environment, Health and Well-being, and New Technologies.

helUniversity of Helsinki – The University of Helsinki is the oldest and largest university in Finland with the widest range of disciplines available. The University of Helsinki places heavy emphasis on high-quality teaching and research on a top international standard.

oulu University of Oulu – The University of Oulu is an international science university which creates innovation for the future, well-being, and knowledge through multidisciplinary research and education. The University of Oulu is a multidisciplinary expert in Northerness.

turkuUniversity of Turku – The University of Turku is a highly international university, where education and research are closely intertwine.

vaisala.logo Vaisala – Electronic measurement systems and equipment for meteorology and environmental sciences, traffic safety and industrial applications.

valmetValmet Automation – Developer and supplier of technologies, automation and services for the pulp, paper and energy industries.

vtt VTT Technical Research Center of Finland – VTT Technical RC of Finland is globally networked multi-technological contract research organization that provides high-end technology service. In water field, it focuses on providing resource-efficient waste water and water technologies.

suomen-vesiyhdistysWater Association Finland – The Water Association’s purpose is to increase and disseminate knowledge of hydrology, limnology, aquatic ecology, fisheries, water management, hydraulic engineering, water conservation, water management and water legislation. The key activities include training and discussion sessions, as well as publishing.

vesieko logo Water Eco Ltd – Evaluation, treatment and restoration of natural waters.

waterfin WaterFinns – WaterFinns promotes professional know-how in the water sector in developing countries and transition economies, In addition the NGO aims to transfer professional knowledge and experience of Finnish senior experts to its young members. WaterFinns supports Finnish water sector experts in taking Finnish know-how international and in enlarging their perspective.

Logo_WatMan Watman – Water filters, pumps, pump aggregates and water treatment technology.

Watrec Ltd is a company specialized in biogas technology and consultancy services for energy, water, and environmental related issues. We are one of the leading companies in Finland specialized in organic solid waste, wastewater, and process water treatment and consultancy.

WV_logo_highresWorld Vision Finland  (WVF) is a Christian humanitarian organization and part of the World Vision Partnership working in over 100 countries. Our programs are concerned with long-term community development that address the causes of poverty and help people move towards self-sufficiency. We want to create sustainable development through strong collaboration with local and international companies and other stakeholders. A concrete way to achieve this goal is Weconomy Start Innovation Program, where companies get to develop new business and partnerships in the developing markets and at the same time create lasting positive change in the communities where World Vision works. Weconomy_1000px More information at www.weconomy.fi

wspWSP Finland Oy – Water management, water assets, environment, water in buildings.

afÅF Consult Ltd – Energy and environment, sustainable development and hydropower.