The associations broadly represent different areas of the civil society with a global vision.

Finnish Water and Waste Water Works Association (FIWA)


The Finnish Water Utilities Association (FIWA) is a water sector organization, whose mission is to promote positive operational environment for its members and to support their various institutions. VVY protects its members’ interests, and provides expertise and know-how in order to strengthen the water supply sector.

The Land and Water Technology Foundation


The Land and Water Technology Foundation’s purpose is to support and promote financially and ideologically research and education in the field of water technology and related environmental technology as well as in the field of soil protection.



WaterFinns promotes professional know-how in the water sector in developing countries and transition economies, In addition the NGO aims to transfer professional knowledge and experience of Finnish senior experts to its young members. WaterFinns supports Finnish water sector experts in taking Finnish know-how international and in enlarging their perspective.

Water Association Finland

The Water Association’s purpose is to increase and disseminate knowledge of hydrology, limnology, aquatic ecology, fisheries, water management, hydraulic engineering, water conservation, water management and water legislation. The key activities include training and discussion sessions, as well as publishing.

The Federation of Finnish Water Protection Associations


The Federation of Finnish water protection associations (Suomen Vesiensuojeluyhdistysten Liitto) represents its member organizations in relation to state authorities and other public bodies.

Global Dry Toilet Association of Finland


The Global Dry Toilet Association of Finland offers consulting, research and development cooperation in sanitation and water issues. Their mission is to make dry toilets an integral part of sustainable development.



The Mechanical Engineering and Metals Industry Standardization in Finland (MetSta) is responsible for coordinating the national work in the field of mechanical engineering and metals industry, building automation and energy management standardization, both in European and international level. MetSta is a standards writing body for the Finnish Standards Association.

World Vision Finland


World Vision Finland  (WVF) is a Christian humanitarian organization and part of the World Vision Partnership working in over 100 countries. Our programs are concerned with long-term community development that address the causes of poverty and help people move towards self-sufficiency. We want to create sustainable development through strong collaboration with local and international companies and other stakeholders. A concrete way to achieve this goal is Weconomy Start Innovation Program, where companies get to develop new business and partnerships in the developing markets and at the same time create lasting positive change in the communities where World Vision works. More information at