We work hand in hand with the key ministries in the water sector.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

MFA Finland

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs focuses on foreign and security policy, trade policy and development policy, as well as significant foreign policy issues and international relations in general.

Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry


The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry steers the policy on sustainable use of natural resources. Legislative work is carried out as part of the Finnish Government and the EU institutions and decision-making.

Ministry of Social Affairs and Health


The Social Affairs and Health Ministry’s responsibilities include promotion of well-being and public health, social and health services, social security, private insurance, occupational safety and health and equality. The Ministry is the supervisory authority of water quality in drinking water and recreational waters.

Ministry of the Environment


The Ministry of the Environment is responsible for the communities, built environment, housing, biodiversity, sustainable use of natural resources and environmental protection issues. The Ministry is also responsible for national and international waters, and marine conservation issues.

Ministry of Employment and the Economy


The Ministry of Employment and Economy is responsible for entrepreneurship and innovation in the business environment, labor market and workers’ employment, as well as regional development.