Artificially Infiltrated Groundwater – Sustainable Drinking Water Production

Applications in Finland

Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) is a safe and cost-efficient method for production of drinking water. However, successful implementation requires a lot of expertise and data in hydrogeological and geophysical conditions. With over 100 years of experience and 25 plants in operation, Finnish water sector has proven to provide sustainable solutions for MAR applications.

Production rates in Finnish utilities are between 1 000 – 65 000 m3/d. Permits still allow production often up to 100 000 m3/d, enabling cities to respond to needs of growing population.

Key technical aspects

Ponds are the most common method for infiltration. Also pre-treatment is used in some cases. Accurate 3D flow models provide in-depth knowledge of flow paths in the groundwater reservoir, allowing complete control of the system, even during extreme weather events. Flow rates in the aquifer and in the network can be further adjusted with mid-storages and reservoirs. Finally, disinfection is often done with UV or chlorine before pumping the water to supply network.

Case example: Turku Region Water

Benefits of the system

Safe solution for several common challenges
– Raising or stabilizing groundwater level
– Preventing saline intrusion or land subsidence
– Managing stormwater runoff and floods

Cost-efficient technology for large scale water supply
– Natural method with minor chemical use
– Easily automated and remotely controlled process
– Large sub-surface storage capacity

Sustainable way of managing water resources
– Adapting to climate change
– Preparing for population growth
– Restoring and expanding the existing aquifer capacity

Where we can help you

Initial studies at potential production area
– First observation wells and geological studies

Further research and feasibility studies
– Infiltration and pumping tests, 3D groundwater flow model

Turnkey MAR plant delivery
– Design, Construction and Equipment

National scale-up and replication
– Towards Sustainable Development Goals

FWF members can provide all the required expertise for a MAR project.
Contact us to learn more about Finnish MAR expertise.