Dam Safety – preparedness in the long-term

Finland has a long tradition of construction, control and safety management of dams. Majority of some 500 dams in Finland are built in the 50’s and require serious attention to safety and maintenance. This experience has provided Finnish actors with expertise on preventive measurements, long-term planning and efficient public-private cooperation on dam safety.


Jatka lukemista Dam Safety – preparedness in the long-term

Transboundary waters

Finland shares significant transboundary waters with its neighboring countries Russia, Sweden and Norway. For example, land border of Finland and Russia is 1 340 kilometers long and has over 400…

Jatka lukemista Transboundary waters

Finnish Water Safety Model

In Finland, safe quality of drinking water is assured by a comprehensive approach on all risks related to the water supply chain - from the raw water source to tap,…

Jatka lukemista Finnish Water Safety Model

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